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What is Ludisburg?

Ludisburg is an online service that allows authors of board games, role-playing games, cards, wargames and game books to insert their own prototypes. A platform to share your ideas, keep track of your progress and overcome the limits of physical boundaries. As valid tool to support events and contests, Ludisburg also means collaborations between all profiles of prototyping such as artists, publishers, companies and professionals. Ludisburg wants to be an indispensable tool for publishers to let them a precise scouting of prototypes and a platform where to convey all the proposals of the authors.

Are you an author?

So you'll become the star player where you can display all your prototypes, and It doesn't matter whether your prototypes are complete or just ideas. The users, the associations, publishers and other authors will help you turn them into real games. Ludisburg will be an online platform to collaborate with other users, attract the publishers' attention and help you get ready for self-publishing, crowdfunding or self-satisfaction!

Are you an artist?

At Ludisburg, you will find game authors who are interested in self-publishing their own game or preparing a prototype, as well as publishers who are looking for collaborators for upcoming productions. Whether you are an illustrator, video maker, 3D modeller or other, it is clear that your artistic skills are in great demand at Ludisburg! Create your portfolio page and expand your network of collaborations!

Are you a publisher?

Ludisburg is a tool designed to facilitate scouting and acquisition. You will be able to view the prototypes of all the Ludisburg authors or search for specific ones according to your business line. Keep an eye on the prototypes you prefer and discover the ones most appreciated by users. Also in Ludisburg you can look for new collaborations with artists, companies and professionals.

Are you a reviewer or blogger?

Go in search of the prototypes you consider little gems for writing articles or making video reviews. If you are a professional or an amateur with a desire to tell stories, Ludisburg is the right place for you! Write articles, interviews, guides or choose to insert only short abstracts that link to your blog.

Are you a player?

In Ludisburg you can contribute to the development of a prototype, participate in playtests and comment on the results so that you can become an integral part of the future game. Wouldn't you like to read your name in the acknowledgements of a game publication?